Friday, November 14, 2008

ABOUT THIS LADY, READ AND TAKE NOTE'S: I saw this and thought , Yeah how sassy! I can be a little sassy from time to time, did I ever mention that earlier?

Well I decided to share a liitle more about myself:

I love my beautiful crazy life, lol! I have an amaazing husband! He is perfect for me and makes my life wonderful! He satisfies my mind! I thank God for the day we met! My children are the world to me! I cherish every moment I have with them! No matter the toddler tantrums or the pre-teen attitudes, lol....yes I said pre-teen and he is only eleven, lol....I have great, loving, caring, talented compassionate kids, but you know every kid has their moments, well just like we all do in this world. Austin is in guitar lessons he loves it and also loves to write songs. He was into some sports, but wants a break from that and I believe in not pushing my kids, if it is not there hearts desire. There are other things in life that can inspire a child other than sports, but don't get me wrong he still loves basketball and Karate. He wants to be in football next year though, he tried baseball but didn't care for it to much. Victoria is in dance lessons . She loves it She is so gracful and to elegant for her age, too precious!!! She loves to sing, read, play dress up ( she is very girly) She wants to be like mommy, she loves her bracelets and necklaces and wants me to put makeup on her and she also loves to play with Boots. I think she thinks he is her baby, lol. She is so smart and funny. She manages to crack us up on a daily basis. As for me, well I think I am a passionate person. I know when it's time to be serious and a time to act silly! There is a time and a place for everything. I love being playful with my husband and children. I love being a mommy and thank God I am able to stay at home with them until just recently actually November 13th was my first official day at ULTA BEAUTY. I love what I do, being a makeup artist is fun and exciting. I eventually want to go to school again but for now I am content in living my life to the fullest with my family. I love to write in my journal a lot and I need to get into scrapbooking more for my children, so they will always have that as a keepsake and know that mommy did all of that, just for them. I am full of creative ideas and wish I could do them all, but I think I get overwhelmed with all the things I want to do and accomplish in my life. One of these days I want to do something great, greater than I can even imagine doing! I have always been a dreamer and want the world to be a better place for our children to live in. I can go on and on, on that subject...but I will spare you. I love to decorate my new house and make it feel like a warm and cozy place. I love to have fun with family and friends and wish they all lived by me so we could have some good ol' party times! I love to go on drives with my husband to quaint little towns and discover new areas, maybe go antique shopping or something like that. I love looking at nature and taking pictures of the sky, flowers, just anything beautiful or interesting that catches my eye. Some of the simplest things in life make me feel so good and happy! I am proud to say that I am a match maker of 3 succesful marriages! yay me! I love to wear pretty haedbands and antique earrings :)I also love to laugh, I mean who doesn't, but to just crack up till you have tears rolling down is thee best, yet I am a sensitive soul and can cry at the drop of a hat, go figure! O'h and this is so totally but I think everyone should take an acting class sometime in their lives, lol....I loved my acting classes, and you would be amazed at how your emotions can just take over! It is soo much fun! I never became an actress, which has always been a life long dream for me, but still it is just one of the best expierences I had ever had.

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